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Why rate a teacher - when you can file a complaint

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Why Rate A Teacher ?

When You Can Just File A Complaint!

TeacherComplaints.com - A Unique Web Site which allows Students & Parents to take control of what goes on in school! - At Teacher Complaints, you can Compare Teachers, Review Teachers and Learn more about a teachers reputation. Does filing a complaint on this website really work? Read This!

Children are often taught in school to look out for adults who might hurt them. But sometimes, the grown-ups in their own classrooms are the ones who could do the most harm.

Abuse by educators is a volatile, sensitive subject that's been whispered about in school hallways and behind closed office doors as long as there have been schools. But a lack of public acknowledgment has helped the problem to spread and the bad teachers to circulate. TeacherComplaints.com is geared towards parents and students to compare and complain about teachers, homework, discipline and classroom behavior.

Do you feel that your child is treated unfairly in class? Do you feel that your child gets to much home work? - Do you feel that your teacher doesn't understand your child / student? Do you feel that the school staff could care less about your problems, feel neglected? - Here, You can give an in depth report of how a school and teacher uses his/ her classroom and how they treat you as a parent and student.. Why Rate A Teacher or school (which can be maniputalted) When you can File A Teacher Complaint!

It's more than giving a teacher a simple grade! - It's your story!

Newest Complaints about schools, teachers and staff

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negative punnishments - Ms. Cooper-King
The teacher does not explain topics during class, takes up the work needed to study and frequently refuses to give it back. - Ottilia Machipisa
Accused and Pissed - Jesse Vader
Terrible excuse for a vice principal - Vice Principal Mrs. Osman
Cold and Uncaring - Amy Surdacki
Political Indoctrination - Mr. Lamphear
Verbally abusive teacher - Karen Costello
Incompetent. - Denise Topete
Ms. Jean Perretta Exhibits Neglectful and Vengeful Character - Jean Parretta

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You wouldn't want your child to be singled out, picked on, bullyed or cursed in class, but everyday, teachers are getting by with it while parents and students are left wondering how to deal with it. TeacherComplaints.com is a brilliant new web site which allows you to post your concerns publically. No more sitting back asking yourself, "What can I do about this?" - Here, You can do something, And best of all, it's absolutely FREE -- It's time to take control.

File a complaint about a school, teacher or staff member todayClick on the Post A Complaint button and tell what goes on in class! - It's that simple! Your personal information remains unknown to the teacher (for privacy reasons and protection of students, We don't authorize using your real name if your under 18 year(s) of age - Parents, Using your real name, is entirely up to you!)

There are certain situation(s) in which people may want to avoid using a real name - There are millions of great teachers in the United States, but there are tens of thousands of other teachers who aren't so great. You can learn more about this simply by searching google for "Teachers Arrested" - Would you trust giving your private information to people that were arrested for assault, rape, kidnapping, drug trafficing... I think not, So again, Your in control of your complaint and what you post, including your personal information. Not us. This site was developed for students, parents and teachers alike.

If for any reason you don't feel that you or your child is being treated with respect from those that are suppose to be teaching respect - then don't stand by... File A Complaint about a teacher and school today! Verification by e-mail address is required.

Learn about Teacher Complaints and how the site can help you!

Bad Apple

This website does three things:

First, It allows you to tell others about your experience and allows you to get help from others who may have experienced the same similar situation with the same teacher or school.

Second, TeacherComplaints.com uses the enormous power of the internet, social networking & national media to get you help dealing with your situation. Teachers who are set on bullying, harrassing, neglecting or failing to teach, will be certainly surprised when you become more educated in your rights and knowledge of the school system then they are, bringing swift justice without the cost, time & stress that is associated with a legal challenge. Simple and free to use, your story & complaint will be added to the database within hours, allowing other parents and students to read about your horrible experience(s), allowing them to compare and comment on their experience as well. You can gain valuable inside information from other people who have "already been through a same similar situation."

Learn what works and what doesn't work!

TeacherComplaints.com uses clever search engine ranking technology to ensure that any complaints made about a specific school or teacher is extremely transparent to any future or potentially new student. Here users can share real life experiences which help them gain leverage and solve personal problems as well as see how other schools are treating their students and how parents are dealing with each individual problem.

And finally, You'll get insight from other parents and teachers which is extremely valuable when dealing with student/teacher/parent relations. Some sites only allow you to rate a teacher or rate a school, which is fine, however, when you need real advice, you don't need some rating site, you need real advice! You need a site from real people with real incidents. Some users at those sites like rate my teacher, rate a teacher and rate a school web sites have noticed that there seems to be a slight chance of teachers actually going in and manipulating their ratings to make their popularity appear better than what it actually is; which is a bad practice. That isn't a problem here, as teachers don't want to 'post complaints' about themselves in order to prop up their reputation.

You may even choose to have your complaint submitted to the school that your filing a complaint against... This will allow the school and teacher an opportunity to respond directly to your complaint online. At the bottom of the complaint is a comment section with a drop down box, It allows "Teachers In Complaint" to post their comments and try and resolve issues regarding the complaint. Schools, Principals, parents and others are also invited to join in!

Unlike other sites out there that charge using services like, Rate My Teacher, Rate A Teacher or rate a school, TeacherComplaints.com is absolutely Free! - All we ask in return is that you share the site by telling a friend or two about the site so that they too, can enjoy the site.

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